Sunday, October 2, 2011

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  • nkavjs
    09-20 03:01 PM
    The question is ....... why is our applications (2nd July) not processed, where as applications for August filers are processed and ahead of mine.

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  • milind70
    04-17 02:50 PM
    I am not yet on EAD have to file 485 yet retrogressed.But from my friends who are on EAD i heard that you are better off applying for EAD six months in advance before the expiry of current EAD.

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  • MahaBharatGC
    01-30 02:48 PM
    There are 3 kind of jobs -
    1. Jobs that require active security clearance - this kind of job is only limited to US citizen that have security clearance of that level. Yes, tehre are different levels in security clearance as well.
    2. Jobs that will be in unit where everyone must be US citizen. These kind of jobs can be filled by US citizen without the need of any security clearance.
    3. Jobs that are open for everyone - One must have active work authorization.

    The vast majority of the jobs are of type #3. In any case, if job requires US citizen, the hiring place must be able to answer why that job is restricted to US citizens only.

    US citizen of Indian origin
    Not a legal advice

    Let me share my wife's bitter experience. She told the employer about EAD. She got interview thrice and selected. Offer letter came and they mentioned that it is only allowed after the security clearance such as NAT.
    Employment verification was success.
    Then when they sent papers to NAT clearance they rejected immediately as for NAT clearance one must be Green Card holder atleast.
    The HR department mentioned sorry for their confusion as they themselves completely do not understand the whole thing.
    So, any security clearance jobs for Govt/Military/AirForce dont waste your time if you are EAD holder.

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  • ivofindia
    07-09 09:35 PM
    Now is the time to educate American people how badly we legal immigrants are treated. The whole immigration system is broken in the US. No wonder why 20 million illegal immigrants decided to conceal their identities. There are no rules to be followed (now USCIS itself has broken the immigration law by re-issuing July VB which is against law).
    We should send a note to Mr. Director (USCIS) that this action of his department will make the already broken immigration system worse, and Mr. President (USA) will not like it. Even people from the illegal immigrant community who are planning to become legals will now change their minds seeing USCIS chaos.


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  • gdilla
    05-23 11:30 AM
    Canadian EB3, just became current. Company lawyer preffers I-485 vs Consular Processing (CP) because it's "safer". Does anyone have experience with Canadian CP? How fast is it? Is it a hassle or is it straightforward?

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  • AreWeThereYet
    09-10 09:49 AM
    still waiting

    Your date is current next month too. I am sure you will hear the good news soon.


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  • stuck_here
    02-07 11:17 PM
    Sorry to hear about your predicament Shwetha. I hope you get the thing cleared soon. This is scaring me a little bit too !

    I have called the consulate multiple times and DOS once. They said it is under PIMS verification. They haven't mentioned any 221(g) or anything like that ! But I guess lacking any accountibility to the applicants or employers they can practically do anything !
    Hi stuck_here, how do you know you are stuck for PIMS and not anything else ??

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  • mallu
    09-07 12:42 PM
    Collected from some other forum . Just google search your name combinations ( within quotes ).

    For eg. if you have FirstName MiddleName LastName .

    The search should be ( put within quotes )

    "FirstName MiddleName"
    "FirstName LastName"
    "MiddleName LastName"

    and all the reverse combinations.

    If you get hits in 100s or 1000s , yeah you can wait 2 -3 years.
    This is observed from the names of Indians.


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  • soni7007
    08-07 01:24 PM

    This reminds me:

    Car = $30,000
    iPhone = $200
    House = $450,000
    Icecream = $2.50
    TV = $500

    There are some things money CAN buy, For everything else, there's GREEN CARD
    (i don't know what everything else is though...LOL)

    To add a few more conditions to the aforesaid situation...

    This is 2008.. Both JE and MBA are thinking that they will get their GC in 2009...

    Meanwhile they start arguing.. and many like them join their verbal-struggle..
    Because of this, IV community is divided.. Earlier only 200 people used to respond to action items .. now because of the rift only 100 do... this weakens the momentum that the campaign had..

    Meanwhile, NumbersUSA et all increased their efforts..
    Anti-immigration forces are united and under their pressure all the EB relief bills fail...

    Election is close USCIS shifts the focus to FB visas..
    EB backlog, retrogression goes up..

    JE and MBA still fighting their verbal fight... in same line.. still fighting with words... with few more years added to their wait-time.

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  • Sandeep
    01-24 09:27 AM

    We are working on it. Media coverage isn't easy and immediate. They check us out, and take their time to research facts before even considering.

    But the process has started.
    If you know of any serious contacts that can help out, or have any suggestions about regional/local media pls send a note to with "Media" as the subject, and it'll come to me


    Though efforts are going on, feel free to point out the Names, Contact Details and Issues they have raised in the past of any good article alligned to our cause. An example
    Name - Sam Dillon
    Contributes to - NY Times
    Article ( U.S. Slips in Attracting the World's Best Students
    Contact Details - ?
    A database of such contacts would help expedite the process for the volunteers


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  • chanduv23
    03-25 02:35 PM
    Mark's previous suggestion works fine in such scenarios. Do not mention the word "EAD" before hand.Do not mention H1 even. Do not try to even discuss EAD/H1 etc... As long as requirement allows Green card and where ever it is required for you to mention work status, jot down " Elligible to work for any US employer in USA". That would work. After interview, if they select submit EAD as a proof. At that moment they will not be able to deny that as a work status proof.

    Note: Other thing I experienced is using the word "Work Permit" in place
    of "EAD" makes things easy for everybody.

    Right, we must avoid the word as much as possible. But then a lot of reqruiters and HRs now seem to educate themselves about the whole EAD thing and seem to be absolutely fine with the EAD.

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  • darslee
    07-10 11:37 PM
    Wow! I am so happy that the flowers brought such joy! And we made our point.


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  • puddonhead
    06-18 12:58 PM
    >> I disagree. By not reporting the fraud at workplace, it puts rest of workforce not at level playing field.

    Hmmm.. Level playing field. You mean the field where you set the rules? UAW did that in GM - you know?

    If there is someone who can do my job cheaper or better or more efficiently - by all means it should go to him. I need to then find something where I am good at. Thats what competition is! Of course - this "efficiency" can not come by illegal behavior. Illegal behavior (like the L1 fraud) has other hidden problems.

    So on your question about "l1 fraud": by all means I am for reporting it. However, there is another overriding concern for ALL OF US - how will the economy behave? I dont want to worsen things by "reporting fraud" at a mass scale right now and create trouble for companies that are already suffering. I will do that when that will be beneficial for the US Economy (translation - "all of us - even citizens").

    I am not for tolerating or condoning illegal behavior - however, I am all for moderating my responses and prioritizing the fights. I am also for not behaving like the UAW members.

    >> You are right. If you are not impacted by fraud, one will be least interested in reporting the fraud. Only when you get impacted, the fraud appears real and serious.

    You are reading between the lines too literally - so much so that you misinterpret everything like the bible-thumpers. Impact "me" = Impact "us" = Impact "everybody in the US - including the US Citizens".

    >> Taking your example further, due to budget constraints, the manager will be more inclined to replace workers to L1 workers to save cost. Do you want this? This will impact people in short term.

    Same answer as the first question.

    It's a pretty nuanced position. I hope I have been able to explain it properly.

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  • desi3933
    08-07 12:44 PM

    I guess Mr. Sunshine will be out then, he said he is shit scared that he is going to loose his job...Dude, I say go home, NOW, aren't you ashamed about your sorry job....

    I strongly disagree with you. No one has right to say to anyone else to go home.

    We may not agree with SunnySurya for this lawsuit, but we should keep debate civilized. No personal attacks please.

    Permanent Resident since 2002


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  • dskhabra
    09-04 01:38 PM

    Lingo came up with the same is the link below....

    I am not sure how to navigate from LINGO.COM, but the link gives the info...share if any body has exp. with this company....

    2 years aggreement. 5000 mins with the below condition (from Terms & Conditions)

    Lingo�s advertised rates for international calls are generally the rates charged for calls to landline telephones. Some calls to international mobile telephones, or to international telephone numbers considered to be special services calls, are charged a different (usually higher) rate than calls to landline telephones. The rates you will be charged are set forth in the calling plan rate tables and are typically designated by a "MOB", "cellular", "mobile" or "M" notation.

    Not sure if this applies to the new plan.

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  • maddipati1
    01-13 06:19 PM
    this is great news. this is a direct result of great work by IV members.
    i firmly believed this can be achieved and we did it. great job everyone.
    without this relief the fruits of July fiasco are gone. good that we got'em back.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO 115 members who voted yes to this poll


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  • vg1778
    10-01 02:17 PM
    Called USCIS...same reply ...check after one week.

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  • lvinaykumar
    09-10 03:02 PM
    Called few on the list and will be calling few more after a hour

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  • alias
    08-07 11:52 AM
    No, I have the conviction, but don't have money...


    06-15 01:27 PM
    I shopped around yesterday for lawyers coz I wanted to fire my lawyer (my company's lawyer) and get my own.

    Turns out, they are all very very busy and some of them are refusing to take on new cases. The ones that do accept new cases are asking for something like $3,000 just to file 485/EAD/AP for primary appliant and spouse.

    Although its hard to get confidence in doing this on your own, its also hard to shell out $3,000 just to fill out forms and have a pair of eyes look over it. And after $3000, there is no guarantee that the lawyer's work would be perfect either coz they too, make mistakes as the paperwork (which 90% of immigration work) is really done by paralegals who dont care as much as they should.

    There are lot of people on portal who have filed 485 and EAD/AP on their own. I will link some threads here as I find them. And most people renew their EAD and AP on their own coz they would have left their sponsoring employer and they would be pretty much in charge of everything. So if people can file EAD./AP on their own, then the intial 485 is only one more form.

    Very true. If people can file for EAD & AP, Why not 485? Its no rocket science. All that we need is a correct list of documents and letter(s) needed from our employer. Here is what I found so far reading 485 form

    1) If we have an approved 140 petition, we do not need to provide a copy of the labor certificate.

    2) We need to submit the labor cert if we have an I 140 pending.

    3) We need an employment letter from our employer stating that the job is still available and the salary to be paid.

    4) No need for G-28 for any form that is being filed by yourself. If some one else is representing you, then they will file a form G-28

    Please add more info as you find.

    09-11 02:05 AM
    Got an InfoPass scheduled, and created a SR. This is taking way too long, and now April + May approvals are rolling in...


    I am sure you will get it. Response to a SR takes about 10-15 days. I opened my second SR on Aug 30th and got the response today. I was approved on Sep 7th.

    Things i did from Aug 1st:-

    Congresswoman (Zoe Lofgren): Her office helped me getting the PD correct in the USCIS system. When i made requested Zoe's office to enquire about my case they told me that PD is Feb 2007 instead of Feb 2006. I gave them my I140 and her office contacted NSC and NSC corrected the PD.

    Ombudsman: Sent Email on Aug 10th and got a reply on Aug 11th that they will enquire with USCIS. Got a call from USCIS that my case is in transit.

    AP approved on 08/26 and Soft LUD's on 08/27 and 09/02.

    Attorney made a enquiry on August 25th about I485 with USCIS and was told to waiti 30 days.

    Sep 7th: I485 approved.

    Check to make sure your category and PD are correct in the USCIS system. Just to make sure.

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