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  • desi485
    11-10 11:14 PM
    I got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences

    01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

    02. Submit current dated EVL for your new employer. No issue. we can answer that

    For my wife also asking for 2 evidences:

    01. About the same medical issue.
    02. Provide her non-immigrant status between Feb 2003 to Jan 2004.

    I don't know what do. Looks like we are doomed. My wife came here with H4 in 2000, was provided I-94 from the airport for 3 years (till Jan 2003), we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.

    I personally know a friend of mine who did the same mistake. He was not aware that he will also have to file for his wife when he did an h1 ext few years back. Lawyer was also not aware that he was married at that time. His 485 is still pending in EB-3, so no idea what would be the outcome.

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  • rajuseattle
    04-06 12:23 AM

    YOU can apply her AP with the instructions to deliver the AP to nearby US consulate in India. Upon AP approval, she can go and collect her AP from the consulate and come back using AP.

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  • bank_king2003
    09-22 11:24 AM
    It is fine for you NOW that you received your GC now and "see" the plight of IO. You are drinking cool aid now under the awnings of Green card. It is now tough for you to understand the plight of the people on "this" side as you crossed over to the "other"side. It is the same old story of people who got their GC and Citizenship dont care about the people who are going to wait for dog long years. Imagine what would have you done, if you didn't receive your GC in 15 days time, i am sure that by this time you would have shaked the earth from heaven to hell by calling your senators, ombudsman, alderman, congressmen etc. Instead of giving advice to others to understand the plight of IO's, keep your emotions under check and encourage others to do their best. Do not post unnecessary comments.

    buddyinsd is a crap. dont even bother responding to him... his grey matter sends him a signal to go to any thread and vomit. when put in ignore he starts barking to gain attention.

    On the other hand i would strongly encourage people to do what they can do. in my example i have done what a person can do maximum and got positive results. I have even got a phone call from secretary janet's office. loosers like buddyinsd will discourage people to take action for there green card but you guys dont have to stop. it is your fight not this losser's fight.

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  • starscream
    04-24 04:45 PM
    I have not seen the language of the bill. Has anyone seen the exact language of the bill?

    Should this bill become law (in its present form without any changes ) will the new provisions apply to ANY H1B application (i.e new applications, Transfer due to change of employer , H1B extension application with current employer) or just to NEW H1B applications and not to H1B extensions filed by the currentemployer.

    There are hundreds of H1B applicants who do not have EAD but have approved PERM or approved PERM + approved I-140 and will be filing for extensions.

    The H1B resttrictions in the TARP law only apply to new H1B filings.


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  • h1bmajdoor
    01-11 06:50 AM
    On the real risk of inviting personal attacks, being called Darth Vader of pessimism and negativity etc,

    i would humbly request yous guys NOT to mess with AC21 UNLESS you have legitimate grievances, and bad things have happened to you / people know to you because of AC21.

    A lot of us have used AC21 and consider this one of the few points in our favour. Please do not make it any worse than it is.

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  • hoolahoous
    08-13 07:24 PM
    i got my 'decision' email on 10th. But after that nothing. No CPO email/No welcome email/ No LUD.
    I am hoping that they didn't let my case 'drop through cracks'. Considering USCIS's way of working I wouldn't be surprised. Will give a week or two more.


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  • sGC
    08-17 10:22 AM
    I got a response to my SR opened on Aug 6th via Mail. They have copy posted the same content which is on the USCIS website. I am not sure what to do now? Sent a letter to Senator as well.

    Thank you

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  • Aluwal
    09-15 05:30 PM
    09/15/2008: Frustrated IT Industry Lobby - After a Frustrating Year in Congress, Tech Groups Plan Merger to Reinforce the Industry's Lobbying Power

    Report indicates that the IT industry has failed in lobbying in support of employment-based immigration and other issues, experiencing repeated failures in the legislation as demonstrated in H-1B reform proposal and EB-visa number recapture, etc. For these reasons, the lobby groups in the IT industry are reportedly working on regrouping themselves including the merger among the groups for apparent purpose of reinforcing its lobbying power for the legislation and other political/policy decision


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  • DallasBlue
    09-13 01:33 PM
    All those 320,000 and counting families who are struck in the namecheck-blackhole should join the rally for bringing a meaningful resolution to this 'Struck-in-NAMECHECK-ForEver'/blackhole issue.

    When IV is giving you the platform to reach out and voice out your problems please come out, meet the lawmakers , attend the rally and help your families and your self.

    There will not be another rally organized, so all of us will be left to ourself stagnating in these backlogs.

    Please stepup, beleive yourself and make your voice herd loud and clear in 'The Pursuit of Happyness' AmericanDream.

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  • amitjoey
    07-09 06:50 PM
    Flowers are sent to USCIS, USCIS has to accept them and then put them on a truck and send them to the hospital, GREAT!!
    That is just awesome news headline!!


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  • sony9
    10-02 08:45 PM

    just for information i am mentioning here. for this only i registered newly.

    one of our friend got GC approval today. both wife and husband got. priority date is 2003 august eb2. mine is 2005 ending eb3. we can consider that as 2006 starting eb3. but when we get dont know. really frustating thing this like many especially who are in eb3. praying for changing the rules to be good for all.

    God is with all of us. we too will get soon that good news.

    Thank you.

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  • pitha
    09-26 10:38 AM
    cir failed because the senate did not have a filibuster proof majority (60) to pass cir. This time the democrats are expected to gain 4 to 5 seats in the senate, that will take there majority to 54 or 55 from the current 50 (49 +liberman). With a majority of 54 or 55 the filibuster will not happen again in senate and cir will pass in the senate.

    The difference between Bush and obama in calling for cir is that Bush was an unpopular lame duck president, his party was a minority in both the house and senate. Obama if elected president would have the democrats in control of both the house and senate, therefore when obama says he wants to pass cir, it will happen, so take it seriously and dont live in a fantasy that CIR will fail again.

    to all those people who cliam that cir won't be bad, please, please name some provisions that were good for Eb immigrants. Please dont use words like "hope", might" etc,durbin wants to knock the living daylights out of EB immigrants. I want to know if there was anything good in cir, not good things you hope to be in cir

    These are a list of bad things that were in cir and will be in durbin cir

    -DId cir have stem exemption? answer no
    -Did cir have visa recapture? answer no
    -Did cir increase the eb quota to reduce the backlog? answer no
    -Did cir exempt the existing EB applicants from the new "points based
    system", answer this seems to be a gray area, no clear answer (there is a
    debate about this)
    -Did cir have draconian restrictions on H1, answer yes
    if there are any more nagatives please add to the list.

    guys, the reason behind this post is not to pick a fight with anyone or to win an argument, but to look at the facts and realize the deep shit we will be in and address the issues. Just like a sick patient will expire if he lives in denial and does not take his medicine, we the eb immigrants will expire with cir if we dont realize we will be sick with cir and start looking for medicine.


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  • ishreeram
    10-29 10:58 AM

    tattoo Linda Hogan And Charlie Hill linda hogan and charlie hill. charlie hill linda
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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 01:40 PM
    Thanks BharatPremi for your great analysis and honored to give one green today! :)

    Thank You sir for giving me a "Green" :)


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  • desitechie
    08-20 03:18 PM
    I wont switch to vonage because i dont make much phone calls. Try to use google talk to cut expenses.

    Hows Airtel 1c plan? Is the call quality and connection good ?


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  • pappu
    06-20 04:05 PM
    There have been members on forums trying to find answers to common questions. Here are some answers and tips from Susan Henner


    Question: multiple filing of I485 if both husband and wife have I140 approved.
    As far as I know a person can and should only file 1 adjustment of
    application. You can not be a double adjustment applicant! So choose
    one with the 'more current' or older priority date as we expect some
    retrogression in up-coming months. This may go by the numbers and
    So you want to use the oldest date possible.

    If a person uses one of his I-140s and the adjustment is for some
    denied, it appears that there is no reason why they can not then
    for adjustment using the other approved I-140 providing all the
    are met under the petition.

    My other advice concerns the fact that the filing fees are increasing
    July 30th. This means every case should be filed by July 29th to avoid
    increase. This really only gives people between July 1 and July 29 to
    cases. So it will be a big rush.

    I also recommend scheduling physician appointments ASAP. I am told
    many INS physicians are extremely backlogged due to the visa
    If you have other answers from lawyers, you can post them. Make sure to post the lawyer's name. Do not post your opinion. Post legal advice given to you by your lawyer, with the lawyer's name. This will help members get accurate advice and not opinions.


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  • pranju
    06-15 11:59 AM
    yes you are correct .. but if you have them ( photocopy ) no harm in including .. just to show that u have maintained a legal status through out ..

    any help in employment letter please

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  • whitecollarslave
    01-14 06:18 PM
    Do you belong to a state chapter?. If you have not joined a state chapter yet please let us know your residing state and we will direct you to the appropriate state chapter. State Chapter's can provide information related to all EB issues we are working on. Thanks

    Thanks! I am in Virginia.

    Thanks to needhelp for the reference.

    Is it advisable to include a reference to the Ombudsman report in the letter to the President? I am talking about the earlier mentioned reference on page 33 stating that "since 1994 there have been over 218,000 un-recaptured employment-based visas lost due to underutilization of the employment-based visas."

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  • mpadapa
    08-22 05:03 PM
    I think we are fighting the wrong fight. I do recognize the whole EB system is unfair and in particular to I/C/M/P.
    The letter campaign is a great initiative, but I am not sure if we are focusing on the right problem. By saying that the new "interpretation of the spillover" is cruel to EB3 I/C/M/P is plain wrong. Both old and new interpretations were unfair to EB3 I/C/M/P.

    Old interpretation resulted in good forward movement to EB3 ROW while EB2 crawls.
    New interpretation results in good forward movement to EB2 while EB3 crawls.

    How does EB3 ICMP benefit from both the interpretations?

    EB3 is clogged because of the 245i cases. Unless we focus on the exact problem no amount of letters to lawmakers will not yield any result.

    Writing letters to lawmakers is not going to provide any impact for this year Here is my reason it takes 3-5 weeks for the lawmakers to get the letters in DC because of special security screening requirements. By the time they receive the letters the Congress would pretty much be done with their term. The best option would be to meet with the lawmakers in their local office or in DC and appraise them of the long wait.

    Please do understand that one of the reason USCIS changed their interpretation is because many folks with Ph D's and MS from ICMP where waiting for years to get GC"s and USCIS/DOS looked stupid in explaining the reason for the long wait for such folks. Even in the "visa wastage" hearing in the House immigration committee (on Apr 30) the DOS/USCIS was having trouble explaining the long wait times. One of the witness in the hearing was a PhD from China and had been waiting for years for his GC.

    Come on folks. EB2 forward movement is good for EB3's, because EB2 will soon become current and the spillovers will be soon coming to EB3 after EB3 ROW is current. I am anticipating DOS will turn EB2 current in the second half of the year and this will ensure all the spillovers will flow into EB3's because EB2's with PD mid-2007 to now will not be able to clear the NC 180 day barrier. Cheer up folks and let us focus on the real problem getting more number of visa's through recapture.

    If you feel strongly about the cause you should meet with your lawmakers office and address the issue. Letter campaign in not going to yield any short term impact. Please take the time to meet with your lawmakers

    why are we giving so much importance to Ron. If he is so concerned about this issue why can't he take up this issue with AILA? He is a member of AILA.

    08-27 12:37 PM
    5000 minutes Limit, I did not know that ................... where does it say in fine print, do you have any link for same.

    Thanks a lot for alerting everyone ...........

    06-23 05:08 PM

    My company's attorney filed for my PERM and I-140. After I-140 approval the attorney kept the original I-140 and sent me the courtesy copy of the approval. I am now going to file for my I-485 on my own.

    My question is -

    Can I make a photocopy of the courtesy copy of this I-140 approval and use it to file my I-485?

    P.S: Courtesy copy is NOT the photocopy of the original I-140. It is a copy that USCIS sends in addition to the orinial approval.

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