Sunday, October 2, 2011

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  • abuddyz
    01-21 10:20 PM

    your H1 was approved very recently. I guess that was the reason for your passport delay..

    If I am not wrong.. i read somewhere that your passport was delayed.. that was the reason i posted above reply.. correct me if i am wrong..

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  • drona
    07-10 06:55 PM
    Posted on Yahoo India News by Indian Express

    Say it with flowers: Gandhigiri for US green cards

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  • jungalee43
    11-14 08:42 PM
    He has many posts on this forum. Click on his user ID and send him PM. Additionally this thread should help you.

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  • logiclife
    02-17 10:32 AM
    IV has hired a lobbying firm Quinn-Gillespie and associates, a top notch Washington communications(lobbying) firm to help us advocate a sound EB greencard legislation.

    That was announced last Wednesday.


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  • HV000
    08-10 12:17 PM
    Shouting is a good option when you run out of anything logical to say.

    You absolutely have nothing Logical!!

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  • gc_vbin
    04-05 03:57 PM
    The comments in this update kind of seem contradictory to me. It says that there might be possibility for greater advancement than earlier thought... and then they talk about moving it back.
    Whatever it is..I don't know why they are creating so much publicity about this bulletin. Does it mean they are going to advance the dates by a couple of years??? If it was for a few months why would they create so much hype about this?

    Is that mean they are going to move the PDs much further and again move back during the end of the year!!

    So isn't this implying that the PDs will advance very very further than the available visa numbers!!!!!!!!!!



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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-24 03:51 PM
    Its been over 3 hours now that I informed CapitalOne that the discrimination is illegal. And as expected, no reply received yet.

    Got a reply back just now

    My mail to Capital One after getting the initial response:


    Thank you for the reply.

    I am surprised by the disqualification since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had issued the EAD. DHS has set clear guidelines not to discriminate based on any of the authorized work documents issued by them, EAD being one of them. The I-9 form required to be filled in by every employee (citizen or otherwise) clearly mentions this.

    Are you sure CapitalOne does not allow candidates who are on EAD specially when it does not require sponsorship from the employer ?

    Response that I received for the above email:

    Thanks for your message. The information regarding Capital One's policy on pursuing EAD card holders is correct. We are only able to pursue US Citizens or Green Card holders for these roles. I'm sorry, but we won't be able to consider your candidacy at this time.

    Best Regards,


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  • lifestrikes
    10-13 04:29 PM
    have not been following this thread so deep. Looks like if someone introduces the other person to vonage service, does both of them get 2 months free? if yes, could someone refer me. pls me me. thanks.

    If someone refers you get 2 months free, but you can still get additional 20% off too by paying for 1 year in advance.

    Check the article on my blog ( It has both the referral banner and savings calculation.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-04 08:04 AM
    Yes, because there was no other way I could rack up 2300 minus points. I find this game as silly as it is irritating, but letting them know it doesn't work with me anymore. Yeh unka bachpana ka nishana hei.. They're just being kiddish

    You are kidding right. I currently has - 20,000 points. So that would mean 20 k IV members did not like what i stated and yes that is 20 k within a week :D:D:D

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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 01:50 PM
    I saw this link Murthy's email too. The total pre-adjudicated cases in the chart is matching with the total in the document. Well now there are more un-answered questions:
    1. Does all other pending 485 include employment based ? If yes what % are employment based ? Obviously we do not have any country specific data on these.
    2. Is there any way to know whether individual case is pre-adjudicated or not ?
    USCIS has fooled us again. No good statistical analysis can be done on incomplete/inaccurate data. I am going from hopeful to hopeless again. I am EB2-I Feb 2006.
    Thanks a lot for staying on top of this and posting your analysis.

    This trend chart/volume chart certainly represents both family and employment base applications. Following is my thought process now with keeping both trend chart and teh worksheet in this thread chain together.

    (1) In Worksheet USCIS claims total EB pending case 233816 by December 2009. Yet we
    have not reached to December 2009. Trend chart claims total pending 279031
    including family base applications. Since famaily to EB ratio is unknown I would
    consider worksheet's figure as authentic for pending EB based 485 cases. One practical
    clue for inclining to do this as I know USCIS has approved tons of green card in
    parental family category. Many of my friends have got GCs for their parents in a
    relatively very small time frame - 1 year

    (2) I remember somehow that out of 775000 485 applications in October 2007, there were
    around 300000 application were from EB category based on USCIS's published
    notification ( I tried to find it on internet but some how I do not see it now). If
    somebody has a more solid proof this stats from which we can derive nearly accurate
    ratio we may consider those stats. But as I mentioned in point 1 USCIS seems to have
    cleared more family bassed 485 with comparison to EB categories I would just
    assume for now that 60% preadjudicated cases and "awaiting customer action"
    and "New receipts" are from family category and 40 % are from EB category. Total
    preadjudicated cases per trend chart is 178418. 40% of that around 71367 - for the
    sake of easiness let's make it 71500. This way "awaiting cutomer action" cases for EB
    categories could be around 18-19000. "New receipt" cases could be around 18000

    3) Now total EB based 485 cases by July 2009 could be = Pending cases + preadjudicated
    cases + cases awaiting customer action + new receipts = 233816 + 71500 + 18000 +
    18000 = 341316. Just the sake for simplicity in assumption we may consider total EB
    based 485 workload with USCIS around 350000.

    4) "In general" the first lot who will come out from this gutter is "preadjudicated" then the
    lot "awaiting customer action" then the "pending ones" and then " new receipts"

    Now based on my talk with USCIS guy I can state that USCIS generated RFEs innear past for many cases as apart of preadjudication process, particualrly for may AAC21 usage related cases - Asking for proof of employment in the same job classification. According to that talk if USCIS gets required response to the RFE then USCIS settle that case in a "preadjudicated" shelf. In other words the AC21 guys who got the RFE - responded and case is resumed - most of them should be on "preadjudicted" shelf. If we call USCIS generally let us know that whether our particualr case is preadjudicted or not.Lucky one may get that reply in first call and somebody may have to try calling multiple times.


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  • gbof
    10-02 02:12 PM
    To all who are getting green. Good to see many approvals in the first few days itself.
    Best wishes to all others.

    best of luck to you. I guess your case is on the track now.....

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  • reno_john
    05-26 06:58 PM
    the number in red on your visa, it will be on the right side of the visa page,


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  • arkrish68
    09-28 12:06 PM
    Received the physical card and the welcome notice on mail yesterday for self and welcome notice for my wife. Status still under initial review for self and for wife it is under post decision.

    Came to US in early 2001
    Applied first labor in 2003 and labor went to backlog elimination center
    Joined another company in 2005
    Started new labor under perm process in 2006
    Labor and I-140 approved in 2006
    Applied I485 in July 2007

    Opened SR on 9/1/2010
    Went to Infopass on 9/13/2010, was told that we have to wait and we will get an interview letter.
    Contacted Senator's office - Told to wait for 4 week for someone to contact us from the senator's office, only 2 weeks has passed.
    Sent email to NSC follow up -
    Sent email to

    Either sending email to or should have helped in our case.

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  • new_horizon
    01-31 11:59 AM
    My wife had her first time H1 visa appmt at chennai on Jan 22, 08...she got her passport back the next day at the VFS counter.

    I had my visa renewal appointment at Toronto on Jan 23, 08, but I had to wait for 4 business days after interview to get my passport back. I got it only on Jan 29th.

    Hope this info helps.


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  • EndlessWait
    01-24 01:07 PM

    Someone forwarded this recently.

    this is such an outrage! this true or made up..

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  • venky08
    01-07 10:07 PM
    my letters are on the way GO IV GO...


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  • SunJoshi
    12-31 03:22 PM
    Hey Guyz,
    Nice to see the heroes of the last fight together again. I was a little confused with the different forums but looks better now. The PDF doc link above for Comprehensive Immigration Bill (Feb-06) is not working can you please post the full link.

    Best regards,


    Irshad welcome!
    Gear up for another dogfight :-)

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  • vbkris77
    05-09 03:09 PM
    When confronted with facts, like a typical "skilled" indian, our man ganguteli resorts to the following

    a) Stereotyping
    b) Evading the questions, starts dragging in the irrelevant stuff, be it madoff or american prison system

    Hey ganguteli, if you are so concerned with the law and order system in US, why don't you go back to your "arsha-bharata"? I am sure that in India incarceration is very low because lot of criminals don't go to prison, instead they rise in politics like your leaders Advani, Modi , Laloo etc. (who would have languished in a prison in any other civilized country) and become prime-minister material. :D :D

    Or are you planning to pratice some white-collar crime/fraud here after getting the coveted GC - like starting a "consulting company" to import indentured servants at dirt cheap prices? :D :D

    Ganguteli, I must say you have proven that in this thread itself, with irrelevant, off-topic responses. :p

    Hey mind your business. You don't know a thing about India and I am sure you wouldn't have even visited once in your lifetime. If you have problem with individuals, companies, sue them find legal ways to stop their wrong doing. It is good for everyone. Dishonesty is not a patent of any country. You show me 10 corrupt people from India, I will show you 100 from UK, 100 from USA and 100 from Japan.. Don't blabber about things you don't know in a public forum. I am taking offense of what you wrote.. You owe an apology to India and people from that country in this forum..

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  • jonty_11
    06-21 12:32 PM
    dude this is serious...that means can they stop taking application in mid month august or sept??:eek:
    Yes it is serious.....and given how many people are raring to islikely...

    As I have said before......we r just too many!!!!

    03-25 10:10 AM
    Another reason the companies give nowadays is "Unfortunately it is a government project and we cannot accept EAD status" - am baffled as to why they are OK with Green card and not EAD.

    01-20 09:44 PM
    I have A number ...I think that signifies AOS number or something...

    What is your point?

    Right, but that A# I found on my H1b approval (approved Oct 10 '07) is different from the A # in my 458 receipts.

    Just trying to figure out if folks who had an A# in the H1b approval notice are also facing the PIMS delay. (just a wild guess).

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