Monday, October 3, 2011

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  • gravi98
    06-21 11:36 AM
    Thanks for the FAQ.

    Quick question:
    I have a EB2 approved I-140 with PD 2006. Another EB2 I-140 from BEC with PD 2005 is still pending and might take another 6 months to get approval.

    Will it be a better a strategy to file based on approved 140 (pd 2006) and later on capture pd 2005, once the BEC based 140 gets approved? Not sure whether interfiling applies for same category.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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  • logiclife
    07-09 07:19 PM
    The message no longer appears on USCIS portal now.
    I think they are reading our portals:) D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Its still there.

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  • l1fraud
    06-16 09:48 PM
    FYI, there will be a manager from TCS/WIPRO/IBM side to whom all these L1s will be reporting... This shows your poor understanding of how an Indian company is being operated...
    They will "work" with client MGRs but report to employer MGR....:D

    Let me guess something .. you are from CTS ... :-)

    Your rocket science of 'report' to employer manager can be easily busted just by producing couple of emails from client managers assigning work to these L1 babies... true these companies would have a so called psuedo manager in their client locations just to fool USCIS BUT unfortunately ICE investigators are trained and informed about such fraudulant arrangements. Once we produce couple of emails (hope atleast few of us would be copied in those work assignment / weekly status emails) proving the direct work assignment from client these phony arrangements doesn't hold good. Second if we could prove that these so called managers doesn't even belong to our team (look for org charts/team list/email lists where these phony managers name would never be mentioned) just produce those evidence along with the above mentioned work assignments.. ICE investigators would take care of our 'rocket scientists'.

    My dear 'new born' ...what ever you do ... every crime leaves its own trail ... how long you guys would continue this shady mode of operation.. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU VIOLAITNG THE RULES.... GREED JUST CORPORATE GREED, individual resources are just pawns in this fraud.

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  • Rohan99
    10-02 06:07 PM


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 02:17 PM
    Of course you can do leagally, the GC is for the fututre job. We were able to do away with labor sub and we can do the same here.
    Though, it is unfair one can not do legally, as long as USCIS recoconoze the the job offered at desi consulting companies are genuine and real "fulltime permanant job". They may be gaming the is their model of bussiness to make money..and it is well supported by lawyers, lobbyists and ofcourse benefit seeking employees. You cant break this strong wall before the uscis. You should have witnessed how much resistance they created when DOL/USCIS abolished labor subsitution. In nut shell, if you close one loophole, they will find another. You are in wrong forum..

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  • PDOCT05
    10-09 12:28 PM

    Friday, October 12 - USCIS Receipting Delay - How Does This Affect You? 2:30-3:30 p.m. EDT

    How Is It Working For You? The CIS Ombudsman�s Community Call-In Teleconference Series

    How to Participate
    To participate in these calls, please RSVP to specifying which call you would like to join. Participants will receive a return email with the call-in information.

    If you are unable to participate in these calls, please visit our website at for upcoming teleconference dates. Also, if you have a topic of interest for a future call, please send it to

    We appreciate your participation in this pilot program.

    Folks please join and let the USCIS know FIFO.


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  • addsf345
    08-26 07:48 PM
    You probably chatted with a person sitting in a cubicle in India or some other inexpensive country. That person would be the customer rep of this company and other company as a contractor (not even an employee). So telling the chat lady will not do anything. She will just log her time and bill the company for chatting with you. You need to contact the senior executives of the company

    what you said is quite possible; though the person seem to be aware of vonage deal and was little worried of possible impact on teleblend's business. (They have $49.99 unlimited India plan - simply doesn't make any sense now...) I am calling them now, Again. Usually teleblend offers good quality services at lower price than vonage or lingo. If they don't come up with a good solution, I will move to vonage by this weekend.

    Here is teleblend number if anyone else also interested to call.

    Phone: 1-877-415-5635 or dial 611 from your Teleblend Phone

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  • aps
    10-29 01:05 AM
    Please refer the url, one of the iv member has stated his friends denial case.

    From IV: IV commends the initiative taken by it's members nk2006, pd_recpaturing, ItsNotfunny and others. As these members have observed, we all know that any one who has filed for AOS/I-485 can potentially be hit with this issue, especially in the current job market situations. If you believe in the old adage prevention is better than cure, this is an action item you have to subscribe to. It will be only a matter of time the number of such denials is going to spike.

    In recent weeks there has been a spate of I485 denials by USCIS in the AC21 cases. In most of these cases, the underlying I-140 has been revoked by previous employer. But AC21 regulations and related memo�s require that I485�s should not be denied based on that � provided I485 has been pending for more than 180 days and the applicant has changed to a new job that is same or similar. USCIS has been rejecting cases without even issuing a NOID � again required by AC21 regulations. So USCIS is not following AC21 regulations and related field memo�s for whatever the reasons.

    Obviously this will have a very bad impact on us � in addition to tremendous amount of stress it can have very bad economic implications including loss of job. In the current economic conditions we cannot afford to lose the job change flexibility provided by AC21 regulations. IV has started a campaign to fight this.

    After a brief campaign to write to Ombudsman, it has been decided to intensify this campaign and write to various officials in USCIS hierarchy. IV core members have been actively involved in coming up with a strategy and are actively supporting this effort. By sending large number of letters we can draw their attention to this issue and resolve as quickly as possible. There are other strategies that are being discussed and will be underway soon to tackle this issue. This is the first and the most important step up on which other steps depend.

    I request all the members to start sending the following 4 letters. For your convenience the letters have been completely written including addresses to be sent � all you have to do is download following 4 google documents � add the date, your name and address � and send it to the address provided on each letter.

    To reiterate: You have to send 4 letters � these letters can be downloaded at the above URL�s. Edit the document to add current date, name, address etc. and mail it (regular mail). After doing that, please update the poll so we know how many letters are being sent.

    To get more background on this issue and see what has been done so far, please see these two threads:;

    To achieve positive results we need to send these letters in large numbers - please send them today and let everyone else be aware of this effort. Thank you.

    Request to core/web site admin: can you please add a link to this thread on the IV main page to get better coverage to this campaign - thanks.


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  • pd052009
    03-31 12:12 PM
    How do you guys know that 12K visas will be allotted in one single month(May)? From USCIS point of view, won't it make sense to keep some numbers as reserve, if the EB1 picks up in the 2nd half?
    Thanks for the info....I believe it will be either Dec 2006 or Jan 2007

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  • makemygc
    07-09 06:40 PM
    Time to send pizza then

    I'm sure Mr. Gonzalez will not forward it to army. His staff need it badly after working continuously for 48 hrs.


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  • whitecollarslave
    03-26 02:37 PM
    Just a silly question popped up in my mind...

    Doesn't DOL have a directive telling employers, they have to try to recruit US Citizens first, and only if they do not find properly qualified US Citizens they can go on to search for people having 'other work authorizations' . Isn't that the whole basis for the approval of our Labor certifications in the first place???

    So can the employers not use that directive as a legal loophole and try to prescreen the candidates and ask them whether they are US Citizens or GC or EAD or H1 and so on... as a hidden ploy to figure out whether you are GC or EAD while externally they can still put on a facade that they are just strictly following the legal directives that DOL has laid out?

    Doesn't this 'Try to hire US Citizens first' policy of DOL in total contradiction with the I9 statement of 'no discrimination based on work authorization' ???? I am a bit confused here :confused:

    Where does it say (please quote official DHS/USCIS/DOL publication or a bill) that employers must hire "US Citizens" first? I think the regulations are to give preference to US workers (note that its not US citizens) before brining somebody from abroad.

    You do make a very good observation and we should clarify with the experts. Can anybody help clarifying this from the lawyers?

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  • funny
    09-15 04:20 PM
    having efax will increase the participation for sure..


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  • jungalee43
    09-09 03:51 PM
    As I am continuing calls I found that they are all aware of bill coming for vote tomorrow. They asked are you talking about visa bill?
    Generally the response from Dems is positive and from Rs it is sort of neutral.
    Rep. Coble's (NC) spokeman insisted that I was not from NC. When I mentioned that I lived in NC for many years mentioning the names of the towns, his reply was that those places were not from their district.

    I am continuing my calls.

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  • drahuls
    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.


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  • dontcareanymore
    08-20 02:57 PM
    Yes, there is one year agreement.

    One additional year of contract for changing to world plan ? I already have 24.99 plan.

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  • fcres
    08-14 03:31 PM
    Sorry for using this thread, i was not sure where to post this mesage and did not want to start a new thread.

    I just learnt from my lawyer that he submitted my I-485 aplication one day before my medical reports reached him. Basically he filed with out the medical reports. Will USCIS reject my aplication?He is saying it is allowed?

    You should be fine, one of the latest FAQs says you can file without medical report.


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  • Guest007
    06-29 06:38 PM
    My stupid big law firm delayed filing until monday this week. With all this hoopla.. Any ideas or rumors floating around about ppl who did not get reciept yet.

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  • eb_retrogession
    02-09 02:47 PM
    Ease in immigration standards called for
    The United Press International, February 8, 2006

    Washington (UPI) -- A leader of a semiconductor company wants the United States to ease immigrations standards to make it easier to hire and retain foreign nationals.

    Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, appearing on a question-and-answer forum on, said a market-based approach to granting work visas should replace the current system, which sets numerical limits on such documents.

    Several leaders of technology companies have made similar requests of U.S. officials, the Financial Times said Wednesday. The visa classification that allows foreign engineers and scientists to temporarily relocate to the United States has a limit of 65,000. Some 140,000 green cards, allowing permanent stays, are granted each year.

    Barrett said the figures are too low, pointing out the work visa total has already been reached this fiscal year.

    'These arbitrary caps undercut business' ability to hire and retain the number of highly educated people in the field where we need to maintain our leading position,' Barrett said on

    Barrett suggested, 'We should just staple a green card to every advanced degree granted to a foreign national from a U.S. university in science and engineering.'

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  • gc_hopful
    05-25 09:22 PM
    GCWaiter03 - Thanks for very much.
    Can she go back immediately after filing I-485 to come back in August.


    05-25 09:22 PM
    GCWaiter03 - Thanks for very much.
    Can she go back immediately after filing I-485 to come back in August.


    Michael chertoff
    03-29 12:09 PM
    Ayega Ayega Ayega ....
    Ayega anne wala (GC) Ayega Ayega .....

    or as Bobby McFerrin says Don't Worry, Be Happy need all Green dots in place reds.

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