Monday, October 3, 2011

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  • django.stone
    09-26 07:03 PM
    I agree with 485Mbe4001 and many other folks on this thread that have talked about the results of Obama victory - USA would face socialist policies and personally our GCs could be affected by protectionist agenda. I have never understood why Indians (even 2nd generation) by default support Democrats, when all the values and rational reasons point us towards Republicans. I am libertarian in my views and a staunch supporter of republicans.

    Reasons for Immigrants to support Democrats -

    1. Generally religion neutral and not influenced by christian right wing
    2. Generally tolerant of people from other cultures rather than being a party of white folks run by white men
    3. Tendency to help human/environment suffering
    4. Afraid of military draft that could recruit our kids


    Now coming to the issue on hand, overall roughly 60% to 80% of americans do not want any kind of immigration (check wikipedia). That is the unfortunate truth! We should all be lucky to be here due to generally business friendly laws that allows for H1B visas and EB GCs for skilled labor. If left to public, immigration would be banned. Hence, I believe both parties use this as a posturing issue during elections to their favor. khodalmd in the previous thread explained the breakdown of republicans/democrats accurately. Logically speaking, republicans can be convinced about its need to sustain economy and generate taxes as more baby boomers retire, but this logic is these days trumped by mix up with illegals.

    If Obama wins, economy/stock market would tank, more jobs would be outsourced. My fear is that during those times, any kind of immigration law would not pass. If god forbid, layoffs start to roll, then many of us may have to start from scratch, hence I call it perfect storm.

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  • TomPlate
    07-09 09:40 PM
    After seeing the USCIS news, they want press and other media not to know more about why this flower campaign? I think we have lost and Emilio Gonzalez have acted very smart.

    Any way they do not think about other people only from outside How are you? But not from inner heart.

    Hope you guys got what I would like to say....???>

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  • addsf345
    01-15 01:47 PM
    Hi RajuSeattle--

    You nailed it man. As i said in my post yesterday what you described so well is exactly what happened and so my explanation of just 140 substitution was not accurate.

    Please note the response I got from the attorney of my previous employer (the one who revoked)

    This is exactly what I previously explained and what XX verified for you. The I-140 was revoked/withdrawn and the labor certification was substituted. If only the I-140 had been revoked/withdrawn then you would still be portable. However, as XX confirmed, the company used the case to substitute another employee.

    Clearly the ex-employer and USCIS are at fault. I have the approved I140 and to date on my uscis portfolio it states that my I140 was approved in Feb 2005. I changed jobs in June 2006.

    I am so &^^%$#@ tired, that if this does not work....I am going back. Enough is enough.

    Don't loose your heart. I know this is a serious situation but do not become emontional, just stay calm. This is clearly a confusing situation and a bad move by your employer. Have you got a good attorney? Just consult a good attorney and go with what s/he says. This is not your fault and before thinking of going back, fight for yourself and your family. Remember, tough time never lasts, tough people do. Our best wishes and prayers are with you.

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  • radhay
    06-29 04:08 PM
    same thing from my law firrm..

    "I have received the following update from the American Immigration
    Lawyers Assoc. regarding the July quota:

    Update on July Visa Availability

    We are hearing from multiple sources that, on Monday or Tuesday of next
    week, State Department plans to issue a revised Visa Bulletin for July
    2007. This revised Bulletin would retrogress some or all of the
    employment-based categories, very likely to the point of unavailable.
    Reports from AILA members about unusual levels and types of activities
    by USCIS indicate a particular push to adjudicate employment-based
    adjustments currently in the pipeline so as to exhaust visa numbers for
    fiscal year 2007.

    This follows the actions of USCIS in June, when it began rejecting EB-3
    "Other Worker" adjustment applications even though the Visa Bulletin
    showed an October 2001 cut-off date, on the basis that the "Other
    Worker" numbers for the year had been exhausted."

    What the heck?????


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 12:19 PM

    Now one of us has to take responsibility to gather evidence and forward to Ombudsman.

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  • dilipcr
    06-12 04:15 PM
    I support you L1Fraud.

    Guys: This has become a major problem at every place. If we do not take any action, every one of us will be replaced by these BIG outsource companies with L1 and B1.

    I already reported this to ICE about violations of CTS which has placed their L1's at client's place for the past 2 years. And still they have several people.

    You may not believe their pay. I do not want to put a number here and it will be a shame on CTS for misusing L1. They replaced 18 American Workers at my client's pace. Whatever you guys might think, this is a FRAUD.

    This is exactly what I have been arguing for in another thread about the Grim visa numbers. I will fully support you in your cause and let me know if you need any help. I am a GC holder but I feel its my duty to report this fraud against all these outsourcing companies.


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  • whitecollarslave
    03-28 03:28 PM
    So, I guess it all boils down to what is the legal status of somebody who has 485 pending, EAD, and AP? At that point you are no longer on H-1B. Is this status covered in the definition of a "U.S. worker"? ... Anybody?

    As per Ron Gotcher, "Anyone with I-140 portability and an EAD is a "US worker" as that term is defined by the Department of Labor.".
    and also

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  • sam_hoosier
    10-05 03:40 PM
    Hows ALLVOI quality compared to Vonage for India calls?

    Hows their customer service?

    I know Vonage's CS is bad.


    I have been pretty impressed with both call quality & customer service for ALLVOI. But I have not used Vonage, so cannot compare the two.

    I went from spending $130-140 a month on India calls + phone line to $ 14.99. It couldn't get any better :)


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  • sunty
    09-23 09:51 PM
    Maybe FOIA request by IV was one of the main causes for this data to be posted on the USCIS website. USCIS thought that since the cat is out of the bag anyways, why not make the data public as part of the redesign effort of the USCIS website.

    If the data provided to IV on the Donor forum matches with that of the USCIS site, there might be some other details in the IV report that can give us a better picture.

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  • Bpositive
    03-25 03:30 PM
    Either employers think EAD is the student EAD which needs to be converted to H1 or they are ignorant.

    My suggestion would be to not bring it up....and if it does come up tell the employer that you have work authorization and that the employer doesn't need to do anything. If that doesn't work, then someone is actively discriminating...


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  • mpadapa
    08-07 11:54 AM
    U are saying - The person's GC category should be same all through out the GC process, irrespective of the technical advancements the person make during the course of the GC process. A person is porting only because he is qualified for the category, U folks are talking as if there is an open slot and everyone is clamoring for it.

    U'r logic should be similar to the below scenario..

    A person joins a company as a Jr. Engineer, then based on U'r logic he/she cannot become a Manager (which requires an MBA / equivalent) because he entered the workforce as a Jr. Engg. Even though the fellow would've acquired necessary skills and even MBA (going part-time to school), still he/she cannot become a Manager. U are vouching that an MBA who joined few months earlier can become the Manager but not the home groomed fellow. Wow, U'r logic seems to a ground breaking thought process, please extrapolate U'r lawsuit for the case mentioned above. If you win, this might be the most ground breaking decision in US.

    Personally I've reported to folks who joined company as high-school grads and worked their way up to Managerial position ofcoz acquiring the necessary college education while working. They have shown up those experience to move ahead of other folks who joined later with higher degrees.

    sunnysurya and rollingflood,
    Rather than focusing on divisive efforts why can't you focus on real problem - retrogression. Why don't you work towards IV's goals? You folks joined the forum few months back and have already made great impact. Hope you would channel U'r energy into something positive for the entire community.

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  • punjabi77
    11-25 10:50 AM
    I was absolutely pissed off with the "local" ppl that got greedy and dragged the whole economy with them. Seeing that there are ppl like you (one of us) who are pretty much the same, i am seething with rage. Because of idiots like you, people with a pristine credit history of more than ten years and some saved money cant buy a decent house in the bay area (and elsewhere) and have to see their hard-earned money go down the drain in 401k and stocks.....I wish ppl like you rot in foreclosure hell and no one ever lends credit you, ever again!!!


    i dont know what are you talking about.. what do you mean local ppl and people like are the first one to complain, having a good credit history and cannot buy a house in this big buyers market..what are you waiting for..
    how many ppl "LIKE US" have you known who have gone for foreclosure..
    person who has made downpayment and knows he will lose more money if he sells his house for a loss becuase he has to move because of employment.. will definately look for his options.
    if it was an ideal situation..then one can sell his house within couple of months..
    but because of this American dream, big homes, nice cars, which a person cannot afford, we are in this mess..
    Btw.. i would say you would be one of the lucky ones right now who can afford a nice big house which you could not have imagined to afford couple yeara ago because of this housing crisis.. i dont really understand why you are complaing and getting "pissed off with the "local" ppl that got greedy and dragged the whole economy with them"
    this thread is for those who are not greedy but want to explore their options within the legal limits..


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  • amitga
    07-18 08:22 PM
    Lou Dobs is going to talk about immigration legislation burried in defence spending bill (which is under debate now) now. He just mentioned that there are pieces of 'Amnesty' legislation in the bill and he is gonna talk about it.

    If anyone has DVR please record it and we can disect it and post it on you tubes.

    I also heard the same thing. It is not clear if whole immigration bill has been attached to defence bill or only illegal immigrant part of it.

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:48 PM
    CIR failing and all makes perfect sense now........
    They will defintely Monday Morning....they dont want any applications coming 2 cents


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  • caliguy
    10-22 05:14 PM
    Yes, I send 7001 to Ombudsman. It's been more than a month since I sent it. Like I said, I have tried everything that was on the link I provided earlier except for contacting the first lady. I am not sure how contacting the first lady will make any difference, but I am thinking of giving that a shot too, so might mail out all my case details to them this weekend.

    Don't go by the receipt date/notice date crap they are giving you. Last year (in September 2008), when the senator sent an inquiry, they said they were processing cases in order of notice dates and not PDs. On a daily basis, I would see hundreds of cases with PD/RD/ND after mine getting approved and all I could do is sit and watch.

    I feel like they think they are not answerable to anyone and they can get away with anything. I hope something magical happens for you and you get the green card soon...

    Did you send 7001 to Ombudsman? So, Ombudsman is also hopeless?
    Did you call them to find out the status? Here is Om's #, in case you don't know: 202-282-8000. Call them and update us as well.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 07:39 PM
    Allowing to file on July 02 or July 03 depends on visa numbers available which in turn depends usage the preceding month. If all the numbers are used up (meaning Immigration Officers have requested visas from DOS in the process of approving pending I-485) they cannot allow anyone to file on July 02 or July 03 and so on.
    I guess currently race is on from USCIS to consume Visa numbers (40,000 or so) from DOS at unprecedented pace. That's why bulletin hasn't changed as yet. USCIS on its part is possibly trying to avoid flood of application at all cost, even if it requires working extra hours (and approving as many cases as possible) if it can save them later. DOS will NOT move the date back until the numbers are used up or near used up. I guess race is on....we will know on Monday. One way to know how true this is will be watching I-485 approvals from now till Monday. We are caught in the tug of war between USCIS and DOS. CIRCus isn't over is back in town again !!!

    For the nth time.. numbers are reduced only after approval and not based on receipt of application. So if you can submit it on July 2nd you submit it on 3rd and so on.


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  • CADude
    10-05 10:38 PM

    10/05/2007: USCIS Receipting Delay - How Does This Affect You?

    The Ombudsman of DHS is scheduled to have a teleconference on this topic on 10/12/2007 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm, Friday. How do you participate? Click here.

    PLEASE NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE YOUR EFFORTS OR POWER? Please contact if you wish to choose so.:D:D

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  • sparky123
    07-11 10:18 AM

    I also think organizing a protest/rally in DC is an excellent idea. I live in the area and will be sure to join.

    Can we have a poll for this?

    1) Rally in DC on a weekday (Monday would be the best. But except friday anyday should work)

    2) Rally on a saturday

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  • sachug22
    09-24 06:02 PM
    In reality How USCIS divide 28.6% among countires - That is unknown mystery and nobody surely know that. And that is why I had to assume "equal shares - 5 part" in my analysis assuming USCIS works fairly but we all know that is a bullshit too :)

    Look at histrocial approval you will know your assumption is incorrect. ROW gets more than half the numbers in any category.

    08-20 10:23 PM
    Can you please further explain how the visa flow will work if instead of horizontal flow it is made vertical flow... or you have some other interpretation?

    Quite simply put EB3-ROW << EB2-I,C. So there is a faster chance of EB3-ROW going forward and being current before EB2-I becomes current. Therefore, with all other categories satisfied, it boils down to EB2-I/C and EB3-I/C. Thenceforth, as USCIS has indicated, the longest waiting PDs will be given the roll-over numbers, which is EB3-I.

    So what will be the flow? I guess the following

    EB1-> EB3-ROW (until current)
    EB2-ROW -> EB2-I/C

    Once Eb3-ROW becomes current

    EB2-ROW -> EB2-I/C
    EB3-ROW -> EB3-I/C
    EB1 -> older of (EB2-I, EB2-C, EB3-I, EB3-C)

    Please note, this is not going to be a quick fix for EB3-I. We are lowest on the totem pole, and barring legislative action, the only relief we can have is "earlier access" to numbers. Without a reversion of the complete horizontal spill over, older priority dates will continue to languish because EB2-I is going to remain sufficiently subscribed going forward.

    01-08 12:08 PM
    If you dont have PR, the rateyou pay is higher. Some deny loans as well.
    This is not true. Recently, me and one of my friend got Home Loan for a good interest rate. It all depend on your credit score and credit history and not PR. You need to provide your papers properly. If you say some statement like this, please provide evidence.

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