Sunday, October 2, 2011

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  • bomber
    06-29 07:15 PM
    WEDNESDAY - Suspended I-140 PPS anticipating huge demand from people
    for whom the visa numbers would be available - FACT!!
    FRIDAY - Allowed doctors from "any area" - FACT!!

    MONDAY - We won't accept any applications?????? ----RUMOUR

    they don't add up

    I was thinking on the same line. Why to wait at the last moment and that too when today they allowed the medical examinations to be done outside the local area. I guess, time to chill out, have some beer (i'm already having) and worry on monday. We anyway can't do anything about it on sat-sun.

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  • vikki76
    10-22 05:49 PM
    Isn't it strange, card production ordered mail and Physical card on the same day.
    Actually he got his card first and then later in day CPO email came in. Very strange indeed.

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  • starscream
    04-24 05:04 PM

    But couldn't make out if it would apply to new H1B applications or new and H1B extensions.

    If anyone can throw some light on this please do..

    Link ( for full text of the bill.

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    01-13 11:54 AM
    Also, I have talked to atleast 3 more Colorado IV members who are going to write the letters in the next couple of days.


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  • satishku_2000
    07-09 07:01 PM
    Will you guys stop this madness atleast now?. If US started bending rules for people who send flowers, then everyone will try to manipulate the system. There is a lot of difference between the circumstances of originla gandhigiri and now. :rolleyes: That was our country back then, for crying out loud.We are in a foriegn country and the issuance of visa a previlege not a right.Why cant you guys understand this simple fact?. Now stop making fools of yourself and get a life.

    That USCIS director gave a good answer. Is your pain more than those citizens of this country who gave their limbs and life for US?. :eek:

    BTW, i am one of the guys who couldn't file I-485 because of this fiasco. But i understand the reality.:)

    The following is the response I got from an american friend and my previous roommate who just came from vacation .

    "I feel so bad about what happened with your application.

    Can you send me the letter you wrote to the congress people?
    If I can read it and understand it ok then I can send it myself (as a registered voter) too. "

    No one is here is foolish to say that Green card is a right or no one here is saying ones life is miserable than the soldier who made sacrifices for ones country.

    According to commander in chief , look what constitutes a sacrifice

    Its ridiculous on your part to compare those brave men and women in uniform to people on this forum(including me).

    There is a reason why people who fought in world war II are called greatest generation.

    To begin with I was not comfortable with the idea of sending flowers. But I did not call people fools. Dont be judgemental .

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  • bondgoli007
    11-24 03:19 PM

    If you can afford the payments and the loss in home value is not that much (20k per your earlier post is not that bad), it makes no sense to go into foreclosure. I do understand you were hoping to make a profit by now but bad luck.

    I am assuming you can still afford payments because you are only thinking of selling to move to a different city for better job opportunities. I also would think you have no desire to buy another house in that new city. So your net income per month should be comfortable and not the driving force.

    So why don't you just rent your house and wait out the tough times? If you can afford the payment, you will stand to gain long term by not going into foreclosure....You are losing not just your credit history but also any equity you built as well as any future prospective returns on the house. Not to mention all that interest payments down the drain.

    Finally, though I share your thoughts on the unfortunate situation with the home prices falling, I do believe that you share equal responsibility for your financial decisions. So my humble advise is to take this as a learning experience and plan for both good and bad situations with important financial decisions.

    All the best!!


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  • apb
    10-02 02:45 PM
    Awaiting interview call when the dates are current.

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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 01:50 PM
    I saw this link Murthy's email too. The total pre-adjudicated cases in the chart is matching with the total in the document. Well now there are more un-answered questions:
    1. Does all other pending 485 include employment based ? If yes what % are employment based ? Obviously we do not have any country specific data on these.
    2. Is there any way to know whether individual case is pre-adjudicated or not ?
    USCIS has fooled us again. No good statistical analysis can be done on incomplete/inaccurate data. I am going from hopeful to hopeless again. I am EB2-I Feb 2006.
    Thanks a lot for staying on top of this and posting your analysis.

    This trend chart/volume chart certainly represents both family and employment base applications. Following is my thought process now with keeping both trend chart and teh worksheet in this thread chain together.

    (1) In Worksheet USCIS claims total EB pending case 233816 by December 2009. Yet we
    have not reached to December 2009. Trend chart claims total pending 279031
    including family base applications. Since famaily to EB ratio is unknown I would
    consider worksheet's figure as authentic for pending EB based 485 cases. One practical
    clue for inclining to do this as I know USCIS has approved tons of green card in
    parental family category. Many of my friends have got GCs for their parents in a
    relatively very small time frame - 1 year

    (2) I remember somehow that out of 775000 485 applications in October 2007, there were
    around 300000 application were from EB category based on USCIS's published
    notification ( I tried to find it on internet but some how I do not see it now). If
    somebody has a more solid proof this stats from which we can derive nearly accurate
    ratio we may consider those stats. But as I mentioned in point 1 USCIS seems to have
    cleared more family bassed 485 with comparison to EB categories I would just
    assume for now that 60% preadjudicated cases and "awaiting customer action"
    and "New receipts" are from family category and 40 % are from EB category. Total
    preadjudicated cases per trend chart is 178418. 40% of that around 71367 - for the
    sake of easiness let's make it 71500. This way "awaiting cutomer action" cases for EB
    categories could be around 18-19000. "New receipt" cases could be around 18000

    3) Now total EB based 485 cases by July 2009 could be = Pending cases + preadjudicated
    cases + cases awaiting customer action + new receipts = 233816 + 71500 + 18000 +
    18000 = 341316. Just the sake for simplicity in assumption we may consider total EB
    based 485 workload with USCIS around 350000.

    4) "In general" the first lot who will come out from this gutter is "preadjudicated" then the
    lot "awaiting customer action" then the "pending ones" and then " new receipts"

    Now based on my talk with USCIS guy I can state that USCIS generated RFEs innear past for many cases as apart of preadjudication process, particualrly for may AAC21 usage related cases - Asking for proof of employment in the same job classification. According to that talk if USCIS gets required response to the RFE then USCIS settle that case in a "preadjudicated" shelf. In other words the AC21 guys who got the RFE - responded and case is resumed - most of them should be on "preadjudicted" shelf. If we call USCIS generally let us know that whether our particualr case is preadjudicted or not.Lucky one may get that reply in first call and somebody may have to try calling multiple times.


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  • scelamko
    06-21 06:26 AM
    1. On application form I-765, Question No 11.Have you ever file for EAD?

    I have mentioned it as "Yes" (I have applied for my OPT)

    2. On application form I-765, Question No 11. Date(s)? Which dates to be used, please specify ?

    (EAD notice)

    3. On application form I-485, page2, part 3, What is Nonimmigrant visa number? Is it the RED number (8 digit) on visa or the control number(14 digit)

    4. On application form G-325A, Biographical information. Applicatan's residence last five years. List present address first. I have specified address for three years and six lines are filled and I could not show the last five years, so how should I show last five years of my residence on the form (should I attach a paper with the remaining address, please specify)

    5. On application form G-325A, Biographical information. Applicant: Be sure to put your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined by heavy border below.

    Should I write in English or in my native language and what should I write for Alien Registration Number.

    Any suggestions and inputs on the above questions should help.


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  • sanjayb
    09-25 01:09 AM

    sanjayb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 08/05
    Ashres11 - 2nd July/ 10:28/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN
    Sairam - 2nd July/10:28/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No RN - 07/28
    InsKrish - 2nd July/10.25/J.Barret/NSC/I-140 approved from TSC/No CC/RN
    sudhi - 2nd July/ 10:25/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ NO CC/ NO RN - CHECKS CASHED 09/13 -- Received Receipts
    Danu2007 - 2nd July/10:25AM/J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    Triviagal - 2nd July/ 10:25AM/ J. Barret/NSC/140-TSC/NO RN
    rkartik78- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    GCFISH- 2nd july/10:25am/ J.Barret/ I140-TSC/ 485 went to NE/NO RN NOCC
    rexjamla- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    kmkanth- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    BU007- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    veerufs - 2nd july/10:28am/J. BARRET/I140-TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    123456mg - 2nd july/10:25am at NSC/J BARRET/I140-Approved from TSC/NO RN/NO CC
    aussie731- 2ndJuly/10:25am/J.Barret/ I-140-NSC/ NO RN NO CC
    nkavjs - 2nd July/ 10:25am/ Fedex/ J.Barrret/ NSC/ I-140 TSC lud on I-140 8-5-07/ NO CC/ NO RN
    jsb - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/27
    gc_us - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN 140 LUD - 07/28
    srinitls - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/NO RN NO CC
    realraghu - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN
    vg1778 - 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140/No CC/No RN

    R Mickels :

    giddu- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    mahendra_t - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    Satya- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    pareshtyagi- 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    sapking - 2nd july/9:01am/R Mickels/ I140 pending-TSC/ NO RN NO CC
    smshen- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSS/No CC/No RN
    gcgoodluck- 2nd July/9:01/Fedex/R Mickels/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN/No data
    dudenj - 2nd july/9:03am/R.Mickels/I140-NSC/NO RN/NO CC/NO EAD
    trajendrababu - 2nd july/9:01/R. Mickels/NSC/No CC/No RN


    cadude- 2nd July/11.11am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    helpme1234-2nd July/11.14am/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC
    cowboy-2nd July/12.34 pm/F HEINAUER/NSC/1-40 TSC/NO RN NO CC

    R.Williams :

    Jignesh - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM
    doshhar-2nd July/2:02PM/ R.Williams /I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC - I-140 LUD 08/05
    buckeye98 - 2nd July/7:55am/ R.Williams /I140 -NCS/ NO RN NO CC, NO DATA IN SYSTEM


    Bayboy -2nd July/8.oam/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC
    nk2007-2nd July/8.26am/C UHRMACHER/I140-TSC/NO RN NO CC

    Other -

    zdong -- 2nd july No check encash/No RN
    HNaik-2nd July/10:04am/ Armstrong/I140 -TCS/ NO RN NO CC
    mashu -- 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC
    abhis0 -- 2nd july/11:34am/Gerkenmeyer/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC 140 LUD - 08/05
    i99 -- I140/485 concurrent/NSC/July@d/R.Williams/No CC/No RN
    vikramy-- 2nd July/I140 TSC/ No RN No CC
    sivanu -- 2nd july/I140 TSC/No RN - 140 LUD 7/28
    kcham -- 2nd July/8:45am/Pitcher/I140 TSC/No RN No CC

    Applications are returned:Incorrect filing fees :

    noendinsight- 2nd July/NSC/1-40 Approved NSC/NO RN NO CC


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  • aadimanav
    01-03 12:55 AM

    Delay In The Age Of Security - Employee Green Card Woes

    Geoffrey Forney
    Geoffrey Forney is an Associate in WolfBlock's Employment Services Practice Group and is a member of the group's Immigration Services Team. Geoffrey handles all aspects of immigration and nationality law, including employment- and family-based immigration, removal (deportation) defense and asylum.

    Many human resources representatives who handle immigration matters are well aware that dealing with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be confusing and at times frustrating. The agency has volumes of regulations, policies, decisions and guidelines governing the admission and employment of foreign nationals. Understanding the agency's requirements can be an overwhelming task. In addition, the agency's decision process is often obscure, leaving employers and foreign nationals guessing about the procedures that affect them directly.

    Added to the confusion is the baffling situation of the excessively long-delayed adjudication of green card and naturalization applications. Employers spend a lot of time and money to sponsor valued foreign national employees only to find that the last stage of the process (adjustment of status or "green" card) is bogged down within a quagmire of endless and seemingly unexplainable delay. Applicants for green cards can face delays up to seven years or more. From an HR perspective, the situation is frustrating: all of the employee's appropriate paperwork has been filed, but the USCIS simply refuses to act on the application. Employers and foreign nationals make inquires with the USCIS only to be told that their applications are being held up because of "security" issues.

    What "security" issues? Many foreign nationals are upset by this response, because they know that they have never had any contacts with law enforcement. Just because a foreign national is caught in security clearance delays does not necessarily mean that the person has had problems with law enforcement authorities. In the vast majority of cases, it simply means that the foreign national's name matches in some way a name in an FBI administrative file. Only after the USCIS confirms that the foreign national is not the same individual who is listed in the FBI administrative file will the USCIS proceed with the adjudication of the green card or naturalization application. It sounds simple enough, so why does this process take so long?

    Congress requires the USCIS to perform criminal background checks on foreign nationals applying to become permanent residents (green card holders) or naturalized citizens of the United States. In addition to the Congressionally mandated criminal background check, DHS performs two other background checks on foreign nationals applying for green cards or citizenship. The criminal background check is a relatively easy and fast check: the USCIS obtains a fingerprint impression from the foreign national and checks this fingerprint image against the FBI's Criminal Master File. This check is usually completed within 48 hours, as it is largely a computer automated system. The second type of check, the Interagency Border Inspection System (IBIS) check, is also very quick. The IBIS check is based on a database containing information from 26 different federal agencies that includes information on persons of "interest" to law enforcement. This check is usually completed immediately upon entering the foreign national's name into a computer database.

    The problem arises with the third and final background check, known as the "name check." Although Congress does not require name checks, in 2002 legacy INS began requesting name checks for all green card and citizenship applications as part of its post-9/11 heightening of security. A "name check" is performed by taking every permutation of the foreign national's full name and comparing those various permutations against the FBI's "Universal Index," which references the FBI's Central Records System, a voluminous archive of administrative, personnel and investigative files. Of course, foreign nationals with common names will usually "match" an FBI file. In addition, a foreign national's name need not necessarily match a "main" file name, containing, for example, a suspect's name, but may match "reference" names, including informants and witnesses. Hence, the universe of possible matches is very large.

    Although the FBI usually responds to a USCIS request for a name check within two weeks, if there is a "hit" or match between one or more permutations of the foreign national's name, a more extensive search must be completed. If a secondary search does not clear the foreign national's name, the USCIS requests a manual investigation of the relevant FBI case files. Since a "match" ultimately leads to a manual inspection of physical files. The process is time and labor intensive. One of the main reasons for the excessive delays in this arena is the lack of resources devoted to the manual inspection of files. To date, the USCIS and FBI currently have more than 340,000 cases in the name check backlog, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman.

    As a result, a foreign national stuck in the name check backlog can expect to wait a very long time - a matter of years - before expecting a final adjudication of his or her application for a green card or citizenship. In some cases, a final resolution never occurs. It is not unusual to find applicants with unresolved cases that are more than five years old.

    Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman cited "name check" delays as a major problem for the agency in his 2007 annual report. The Ombudsman questioned the utility and effectiveness of the name check process, noting that "[n]ame check[s] are not conducted by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation or from a need to learn more about an individual because of any threat or risk perceived by the FBI." Furthermore, the Ombudsman suggested that the name check program does not comply with DHS Secretary Chertoff's risk management modeling, because the cost of name checks far outweighs the purported national security benefit: "Considering the protection the FBI name check provides, the cost of government resources used, and mental and actual hardships to applicants and their families, USCIS should reassess the continuation of its policy to require FBI name checks in their current form." Notwithstanding the Ombudsman's criticism of the name check program, other high-level USCIS officials continue to support the process, so it appears that name checks will remain a part of green card and naturalization applications.

    (Part 2 in the next post below)

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  • permfiling
    08-07 02:19 AM
    I don't think it is unfair as I think

    That if eb2 numbers are not filled then they automatically get allocated to eb3 so why to have portability to eb2.


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  • sen_raju
    07-11 10:12 AM,0,5061439.story

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  • reno_john
    06-29 04:44 PM
    I always thought, the system was fair, it was only the overwhelming numbers of immigrants from certain countries that made it look unfair....but the closer I get to the stage where DOS decisions start impacting me, the more I realize that the system is not fair at all. The game of visa numbers and allocations is driven by white house politics alone...DOS being the spokesperson for the politics. Essentially the white house is directly throttling immigration through the DOS...on its own whims and fancy.

    I wouldn't say they are cruel, but they are certainly selfish..and are bent on sucking the blood of would be immigrants/working non-immigrants...the best way to prevent this from happening is to not come here....let the Indians/Chinese completely stop coming here on H1s/L1s and then we'll see how far can America fly...

    So, what made you import yourself here? You could have stayed back in your own the way, coming on a H4 was a wasn't forced upon you...didn't you know before coming here that you would have to stay home on a H4? H4->F1, H4->H1...all these options are always open to you..

    America will fly even higher with or without India and chinese those days are gone, look into the future. In the past not many american used to take science and Technology filed but now its different.


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  • feedfront
    09-23 12:21 PM
    Now my status changed to 'Initial Review' because post office returned my mail :confused: Within 12 hrs status changed from 'Card Production' (05.03 PM) to 'Initial Review' (06.33 AM).
    I had updated my new address 3 yrs before and was confirmed by infopass appointment.

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  • psaxena
    09-24 12:52 PM
    THe reason USCIS is showing low numbers for the reason that , no one will then raise the question for recpature. Looking at the numbers they will say, O, the numbers are so low, whats the need for recapture and we will be left hanging cold and dry.

    This is a plot of a well planned strategy.

    Something is screwed up.....

    Mexico has over 2000 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is May 1st 2001
    India has less 500 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is Apr 15 2001
    This along with CIS giving "bad/incorrect" data to IV is indication of someone's malicious intentions.

    I appreciate IV's effort in getting FOIA executed and now working on aftermath of it.

    For people who are angered with whats been going on in last couple of days. All I can say is to try volunteering for IV even for a month.


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  • addsf345
    01-08 06:40 PM
    I found this forum after my I 485 denied as I applied for AOS under AC21 at texas center on 12/31/2008. The first thing I did after joining IV is sent the four letters.

    I know its a stressful time. Please follow this thread carefully, read it completely and contact ombudsman with correct form. It would be easier for all of us if CIS can see number of genuine cases which are denied wrongfully. This way, CIS may would act faster to again put your case on file and in future will not do this again.

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  • akred
    01-25 11:29 PM
    Check out the link to the p0rn website here. If they think this is going to attract customers, they are seriously mistaken.

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  • senthil1
    06-29 05:32 PM
    I think AILA is not one lawyer it is group of Lawyers. They might have heard from some persons in State Dept persons un-officially. But rumor is always a rumor till that becomes true. Hope for best and prepare for worst

    what stats do u have to support the 50% number??

    08-11 06:52 PM
    My simple question to you is are you in or are you out. If I rember correctly, you have masters and in Eb2 line...
    If you are in, I want to give you call to discuss the logistics..

    Hey funnySurya, I'm in (wherever you like) & want to discuss logistics, send me ur contact details...

    PS I'm EB3 India educated and definitely make more $$ than you, I own a company :D but don't employ people like you, not too worried about GC, life is good.

    06-29 06:19 PM
    Man this is Federal government dude and more over part of DHS. This is not a privately owned corrupted company where they can dick around with people.

    Govt agencies are more susceptible to bungling things than private companies. I can quote numerous examples but that will take the discussion away from the core subject.

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