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  • letstalklc
    08-27 12:27 PM
    Hi pointelesswait,

    When we say ‘free’ we mean that you don’t have to pay additional charges per minute to call India, or to any of the more than 60 countries that we’ve added to our Vonage World plan, on top of the monthly $24.99 flat rate. Some other phone companies ask you to pay your monthly service fee, and pay hefty ‘per-minute’ long-distance charge. But with Vonage World, you pay one flat monthly fee, and you can call home all you like. Let me know any additional questions! You can reach me on Twitter @Vonage_Voice (



    I know you are trying to promote vonage, but not addressing the issues in terms of cancellation.

    One more thing is that the taxes on the service, which is really killing part, for new yorkers, have to pay almsot 9 dollars in taxes, which is 35% of the monthly bill (24.99), it's too much when we compare with other VOIP services....

    State/Local Taxes and Fees $3.44
    FUSF (VoIP) $2.41
    Regulatory and Compliance Fee $1.49
    Emergency 911 Service Fee $1.49

    Hope vonage will come up with some thing better than this, aslo there is 5000 minutes restriction on outgoing, it doesnt matter whether you called local or international, every minute counts.....guys beware of that limit, I know 5K is lot many minutes, but still you have to monitor, if it exceeds, the account will be changed to Business and have to pay more monthly.....

    Also it would be great if you guys can come up with a feature that calling from cell phone by using vonage account.....with this option, more customers can sign up, offcourse customer service has to imrpove lot....

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  • suavesandeep
    11-23 11:06 AM
    One thing i would like to emphasize like others, is background check when you apply for any company in future. Most good companies do a thorough check which includes your credit history. When i joined the company i currently work , I asked for a copy of the report for my reference and it did include that i have a good credit history. Not sure how much companies pay attention to this but yes if they do it could affect your employment chances at some of the top companies.

    On the positive side, I strongly believe that the economy will come back on track. Who knows 5-10 years from now your decision may look good. As others advised you should also consider renting out your place... With the population ever increasing, and the land being constant, I always think investment in land will always be a good investment on the long run. At least you have something concrete to show for your money :).

    Rest the feeling that you are doing the right thing even though its the hard way is always priceless :)

    Anyways i agree its easier to say these things sitting on the other side of the fence.

    Hope things work out the best for you.

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  • royus77
    06-21 09:20 PM
    In filing for I-485 no one has mentioned copy of I-140 or copy of Labor cert.

    My question is how does USCIS tally an AOS application to an already approved I-140 or labor certifcation and find out the PD for the application?

    The A# number assigned in the 1 140 is the link

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  • jkays94
    06-16 02:03 PM
    Does the letter need to have the same information as the LC. I can get a non I-485 related employment verification letter but here is the catch. The employer is dilly dallying on filing for I-485. The employer can give a letter with my job title which is "XYZ Developer" include salary, length of employment etc. But the "Final Determination" copy that I have says occupation: Computer Software Engineers, 15-1031. Does the letter have to state "Computer Software Engineer" or can it state "XYZ Developer" ? If it has to be the former that will only alert them that I am bypassing their stonewalling and the employer is only likely to refuse to include that as the job title. So which is which ? The job specific title ie "XYZ Developer" or the DOL title per the "Final Determination"

    Does anyone have an answer or idea as to the job title employer verification letter question ? I didn't see any response as yet so I thought I'd repost the question. So far I've only seen some suggestions on other forums that suggest filing anyways without the letter and waiting for an RFE which might then coax the employer to do the necessary then, waiting for I-140 to be approved and then filing with W-2's (or paystubs -- I don't recall) or waiting 180 days, filing without the letter, switching to a new employer after the 180 days pass and then submitting the new employer's letter.


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  • gc28262
    08-25 04:29 PM
    Vonage was just responding to the competition.

    Lingo has a world plan which included unlimited calling to 30 countries( India not included)
    India calls were just 2 cents per minute. I switched to Lingo from Vonage 2 months back. Sensing this mass exodus, vonage came up with an even more aggressive plan.

    Competition is good !

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-13 09:54 PM
    Admire your smiley in the face of an RFE. Rock on! :)


    On Friday, I got SMS from USCIS that my case is updated and I should check status online. I checked my email. I was happy :) to see an email from USCIS and opened it excitedly with butterfly in stomach. Well it said..

    "Your Case Status: Request for Evidence

    On September 10, 2010, we mailed a notice requesting initial evidence in this case. Please follow the instructions on the notice to submit the evidence requested. Meanwhile, processing of this case is on hold until we either receive the evidence or the opportunity to submit it expires...........

    Looks like I have to wait more :D


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  • guest_mister_08
    08-17 03:17 PM
    I have received Courtesy copy of I485 Approval notice, and law firm received the Original I485 Approval Notice.

    Is there any use for Original I485 Approval Notice or just Green Card is Enough?

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  • ssa
    11-25 12:44 PM
    And to think just sometime back we had an action item to send mails saying "Give us GCs and we will buy houses and help the economy"! What a joke!! For all the labels of highly skilled/highly educated etc. that we shower ourselves with we are no better than those idiots and irresponsible people who bought houses far beyond what they can afford and ran away putting their keys in mailboxes when going got tough.

    To the original poster: You asked an advise on an open forum. You asked a favor. You can't dictate terms like just tell me options and not your opinion etc.when you ask a favor. You don't like what people have to say about you, don't ask them for help. That's the way it works. Other people have every right to be upset with you as if and when you foreclose you will be asking taxpayers - and that's us - to foot your bill.


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  • sri1309
    09-14 06:16 PM
    Following is my draft. Any and all suggestions welcome.
    I still need a link to the testimony of USCIS director confirming wastage of green cards. I would greatly appreciate if someone compiles list of e-mail addresses of judiciary committee members. Please note I would be making calls myself. E-mail is only for colleauges as I can't ask for their time on telephone calls. Here is my dreaft: -

    Dear Member of Congress:
    Congress has an opportunity before it adjourns to help advance U.S. innovation leadership by
    enacting H.R. 5882, a modest, bipartisan bill that would simply �recapture� employment-based
    immigrant visas numbers that Congress authorized in prior fiscal years, but that went unused due
    to government processing delays. H.R. 5882 is a common sense measure that should be enacted
    without delay this year.
    H.R. 5882, which Representative Zoe Lofgren introduced with Representative Jim
    Sensenbrenner, would help reduce visa backlogs by recapturing Congressionally authorized EB green cards from prior fiscal years that went unused due to bureaucratic delays.

    What is H.R. 5882?
    By recapturing unused green cards H.R. 5882 would address the issues of justice, equality, fairness and efficiency; at least temporarily.
    H.R. 5882 addresses a very important issue of discrimination of high skilled immigrants in the US immigration system on the basis of their country of birth. As per the current law the quota of employment based green card is equally distributed to applicants on the basis of their country of birth. No single country can take more than 7% of the annual quota of 140,000 green cards. Thus the applicants born in two countries India and China, who contribute more than 50% of the high skilled immigrants, have to wait lot longer than applicants born in other country. Simply put an applicant born in XYZ country gets green card in six months and applicants born in India or China with exact same skill sets & exact same contribution to US economy has to wait for years and years indefinitely for his/her green card.
    In addition to this, due to bureaucratic delays, a lot of green cards go unused from the annual quota of 140,000 every year resulting in processing backlog stretching up to decades.

    What H.R. 5882 is not?
    H.R. 5882 is not an amnesty. It does not legalize any illegal immigrant. It does not provide any waiver to any unlawful stay or unlawful activity in the US.
    It does not increase congressionally authorized immigration limits. It does not authorize even one extra green card than what is authorized by congress.
    It does not take jobs away from US, rather helps keep the job in US.

    It is very important to note that the overflow of visa numbers in the family based immigration system is transferred to employment based system but NEVER vice versa.

    All the high skilled immigrants who are in green card limbo are in this country for many years now and contributing to economy, paying taxes. They have steady jobs and during the three stages process of green card it has been established multiple times that a US citizen or permanent resident is not available for that job. Close to million applicants are limbo due to bureaucratic delays and country based quota system. If they get green cards they are in position to buy new house, car, start new business etc. there by making significant contribution to economy.

    I request you to support the passage of the bill through US congress.

    Excellant draft. Please keep it up. I am taking a couple of points from here in my posters. Your "What 5882 is NOT" is also a very good compilation,

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  • l1fraud
    06-17 09:19 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Please find the details of how we complaint to our client management regarding L1 violation ....(for some of you guys who are interested in educating uer clients)

    Step 1. Collect the email id of uer CEO and 8-10 executive managers, make sure that your groups CIO/CTO s email ids are included, get the email id of HR Head/Legal Dept/Immigration Dept of your client (CC them in the email).

    Step 2. Create an anonymous Id with something like "Against Fruad"

    Step 3. Formulate the email as given below

    Subject: Fradulant Activity by Vendor - CTZ Tech Solutions ...For Eg.:-)

    First Paragraph: What the Fraud/Violation Is?:
    Mention the L-1B violation by these companies and how these resources are legally prohibited from working on staff augmentation assignments, mention the L1 reform act of 2004, provide the link to USCIS website and attach the .pdf file with L1 reform act. Mention the list of employees at the bottom of the email.

    Second Pargaraph: Why They Do This?: Key points .. NO wage restrictions, NO numerical limitation and mention the H1 visa lottery in 2006,07,08 etc. NEVER talk abt corporate greed in this whole email (hope u got why!).

    Third Paragraph: How they do this?: Mention about the petition which has to do nothing the current project they work on and the visa interview where these guys tell abt someother projects and clearly mention how they gets deployed to projects where they don't have eligibility to work and skills they cannot be utilized for.

    Fourth Paragraph: How to Prevent this: (To show that you are sending this to resolve an issue and not to complicate one) ... mention about how easily each hiring manager can avoid this by setting visa criterion for all jobs including contract and temporary jobs.. once criterion is set by hiring managers these vendors cannot violate the same. For Eg. Hiring managers set the criterion that a new contract position can only be filled by Citizens/Green Cards/EAD/H1 s... so L1 violation doesnt even come into picture.

    Last Paragraph (BUT NOT LEAST)

    Mention the NAME of atleast 5 resources (and their organisation) working on L1, their projects, technology on which they work and how they violate L1 by working on these projects and technologies.

    BELIEVE ME ... WE WERE PARTIALLY SUCCESSFULL ... NO MORE NEW ONSITE CONSULTANTS FROM THIS VENDOR ... but client is not yet ready to review the existing consultants.. looks like they are having a internal probe into the matter...hope we'll get some good news regarding the same too.


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  • Lisap
    09-11 10:59 PM
    Collected from some other forum . Just google search your name combinations ( within quotes ).

    For eg. if you have FirstName MiddleName LastName .

    The search should be ( put within quotes )

    "FirstName MiddleName"
    "FirstName LastName"
    "MiddleName LastName"

    and all the reverse combinations.

    If you get hits in 100s or 1000s , yeah you can wait 2 -3 years.
    This is observed from the names of Indians.

    well this is great news there were no hits for my husbands name and only 1 hit for my name! Hopefully we will be ok and not get stuck in name checks then! Thank you for your response!

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  • mhathi
    01-15 08:34 AM
    I have sent the letters today to WH and IV.
    I have also sent group emails to my batchmates from my engg college asking them to join IV. I think everyone should do that - this will help IV to Increase its Memberships.
    I had one more suggestion too - (this has recd less support in the past).
    we need to put in a statement that many legals are not buying a house because of the uncertainity in the GC process. even the congressmen will be more patient with our cause when we mention housing.

    I doubt if this is true. There was a poll created a while back that asked this question to everyone, and fully 50% or more had already bought a house even though they had not even reached the 485 stage. I personally would not wait for GC to buy the house. If the status quo remains, it will probably be 5-6 years before they even take up my case for consideration. The housing market would certainly have recovered by then. Barring local minima and maxima, the overall trend in the housing market is always of a somewhat steady and gradual incline.

    Just my 2 cents.


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  • Vikul
    10-03 12:41 AM
    Got my receipt today. Till friday i wasn't in there sytem, they told me to call after 1 month n today my company lawyers got the receipt. So guys hold on.... :-)


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  • pani_6
    08-21 10:17 PM seem to have gotten your GC..why the heck to you care..besides I applied ones in 00 and due to screw up attorney..had to apply again..also look in track it and are people stuck from 99..please dont waste people's time by asking silly questions...

    Thanks for the clarification.

    If your PD is 2003, then you are waiting for 5 years, not for decade. Just FYI, saying decade (instead of 5 years) is material misrepresentation.

    Good Luck.


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  • akred
    07-15 05:44 PM
    let's compile a list of famous immigrants like Albert Einstien, Henry Kissinger, Madalene Albright et al and change the face of what constitutes a legal immigrant. We need stories of doctors, scientists, engineers (the success of NASA) who were immigrants and benefited this country. That way we can fight the image of the immigrant as a low wage seeking will work for food kind of a worker being created by anti immigrants. Let Lou Dobbs fight history and deny it.

    You can find material for this on (

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  • bskrishna
    09-12 01:02 PM
    We should call our local congressmen and women as well so that they are aware of this. If the bill comes to the floor it will be useful.


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  • logiclife
    01-05 03:39 PM
    ON this org. I am one of them. My PD is Sept 2004 and my labor is approved but I am on EB3 sitting and waiting for I-485 to open up for me. In fact, my guessestimate is that there might be more EB3s here than EB2s but that's something not important right now.

    We are going to push for quota raise for all EB GCs, not just EB2 or EB1. Also, the biggest and most critical push is going to be for allowing people to apply for I-485 even during retrogression.

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  • asethura
    08-19 01:25 AM
    Hi All, I had a quick question.
    My I-485 got approved earlier this week from NSC and I received the approval/welcome letter by USPS.
    My online status is at post-decision activity and not at CPO.
    Though my welcome notice says that I should receive the card in 3 weeks, I am wondering if I need to be at CPO status before that happens....also I read somewhere they may require another FP before CPO (that was talking more abt transfer cases, but mine has always been at NSC).....but nowhere in my approval notice does it ask for an FP.
    I was wondering if I should just sit tight and wait for the physical card or try to find out more information.
    Thanks so much.

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  • crystal
    07-15 01:01 AM

    01-26 12:42 AM

    Found this on the site:



    In other words:

    Color of Skin: Different shades of Brown.
    Language: Predominantly non English.
    Facial Features: Non Anglo Saxon (Indian, Arab, Oriental, African)
    Economic Condition of the Country: so so to very bad.

    If all the above points apply to you, then you must apply for a DAT Visa.

    BTW Did they exclude any African country from the list?

    Dakota Newfie
    05-23 05:46 PM
    The Priority Date refers to the date your Labour Certification Application (LCA) was filed and the I-485 Processing date refers to your Adjustment of Status Application- specifically, it is the filing date of the I-485 application(s) that they are now processing. Translated, that means about nine months to get your Green Card once your PD becomes current. Fortunately, the processing time for an EAD in Nebraska still stands at about 2.5 months.

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